Your partnership with United Auto Credit begins the day we approve your contract. While many of our customers have been turned down by other lenders because their FICO score was too low, your approval from United Auto Credit means that our underwriting team saw something the others missed. Your stability and ability to pay have earned you the chance the other lenders wouldn’t give you.

At United Auto Credit we understand that life happens. For our partnership to succeed, our customers must also succeed. We have an easy payment section that provides you with many options to keep your account current. From wire transfers to automatic withdrawal, we can do it all. We can help prevent the unexpected missed payment. We are happy to be your partner throughout the term of your contract. All we ask is that you make your monthly payments according to the schedule you worked out with your dealer.

If you’ve established a good pay history and do happen to face an unexpected financial setback that prevents you from making a payment, odds are that we can help. We have a number of tools to assist customers in keeping their accounts up to date, and avoid the stress of past due payments while they recover from unexpected financial difficulties. Communication is the key. The sooner you let us know, the more options we have to offer.

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