By providing your mobile number and opting-in, you give United Auto Credit Corporation (“UACC”) express consent and permission to send you account-related text messages, i.e. payment reminders, notifications, promotional messages, etc., in conjunction with the services you have requested. By providing your mobile number and opting-in, you agree you have ownership rights or permission to use the telephone number given to UACC or its affiliates. The number of messages will vary by request and or account. Message and data rates may apply. Wireless carriers are not liable for undelivered or delayed messages. If your handset device does not support MMS, any MMS messages sent may be delivered as SMS messages.
The laws in your state may limit the number of times UACC may contact you in a week or in a month; however, by opting-in, you expressly give UACC permission to contact you by text message more than my state law may provide.
You understand that the text messages UACC sends may be seen by anyone with access to your telephone, iCloud or similar back-up cloud service. Accordingly, you should take steps to safeguard your telephone and your text messages if you want them to remain private.
You agree and consent to be contacted by UACC, its agents, employees, attorneys, affiliates, subsequent creditors, account servicing companies, and third-party collectors through the use of email, calls and/or SMS text messages to your mobile phone number, including the use of automatic telephone dialing systems, autodialers, or an artificial or prerecorded voice.
No mobile information will be shared with third parties/affiliates for marketing/promotional purposes.
Opt- Out or STOP
This policy applies to the text messages sent by UACC to our customers. If you wish to stop receiving text messages from UACC reply to any text message we have sent you and in the reply text simply type STOP. To opt-out, text STOP to any text message UACC sends you. An opt-out confirmation message will be sent back to you. Your stop request will become effective within one day.
HELP or Support
If at any time you need our contact information or information on how to stop text messages, reply to any text message we have sent you and in the reply text simply type HELP. You can also email us at Upon receiving your text message, we will send you a text message with this information. In general, the messages we send provide you with information about your account. Some of the text message we send may include links to websites. To access these websites, you will need a web browser and Internet access.
If UACC modifies this SMS Wireless Policy, UACC will notify you by sending you a text message with a link to the new policy. We may terminate our text message program at any time.
If you have any questions about this policy, would like us to mail you a paper copy of this policy or are having problems receiving or stopping text messages, please contact our customer service number at 1-888-895-6134.
NOTICE: Messages sent to you by text are an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. If you are entitled to the protections of the United States Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. §§ 362; 524) regarding the subject matter of any text message, the following applies to you: THE TEXT MESSAGE COMMUNICATION IS NOT AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT, ASSESS, OR RECOVER A CLAIM IN VIOLATION OF THE BANKRUPTCY CODE AND IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.
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